A list of current and past members of the ECSO Lab.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Sergio Muñoz-Gómez

EMBO Postdoctoral Fellow (2021-2022), Université Paris-Saclay, France.
Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2013-2018), Dalhousie University, Canada.
B.Sc. Honors in Biology (2007-2013), Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia.

Sergio is an evolutionary microbiologist and cell biologist whose main interests revolve around understanding the origin and diversification of eukaryotic cells and their symbiotic organelles. See my CV here.


Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Shahed U. A. Shazib

Postdoctoral Scholar (2022-2023), The Ohio State University, USA.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2020-2022), Smith College, USA.
Research Professor (2017-2020), University of Ulsan, South Korea.
Ph.D in Biology (2011-2017), University of Ulsan, South Korea.
B.Sc & M.Sc in Microbiology (2006-2010), University of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Shahed is an evolutionary cell biologist. His research aims to explicate the evolution of eukaryotes, and microbial interactions through single-cell omics and phylogenetic reconstruction. At the ECSO lab, Shahed will work on the origin and evolution of eukaryotes and their organelles. See Dr. Shazib’s personal website here.

Dr. Dongseok Kim

M.Sc & Ph.D in Biological Sciences (2017-2023), University of Sungkyunkwan, South Korea.
B.Sc. in Biological Sciences and Computer Engineering (2010-2017), University of Sungkyunkwan, South Korea.

Dongseok is an evolutionary biologist with a primary focus on unraveling the evolutionary questions of eukaryotic cells. His research encompasses a wide range of techniques, including genomics and various wet laboratory experiments, all aimed at addressing fundamental questions related to the origin of life and the evolution of complex cellular structures. See Dr. Kim’s CV here.


Research Assistants

Penelope Vu, MSc

MSc in Botany and Plant Pathology (2019-2022), Purdue University, USA.
BSc in Crop Sciences with Honors (2014-2019), Vietnam National University of Agriculture, Vietnam.
YSEALI Academic Fellow in Environmental Issues (2017), University of Hawai’i, USA.



Konrad Schwartz

B.Sc. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2019-2023), Centre College, USA.




Graduate Students






Undergraduate Students

Betsy Varghese

Purdue University (2023 - Present)
Ivy Tech Community College (2021 - 2022)




Oakley Harrison

Purdue University (2021 - Present)